Our nature commitments

Zéro pesticides Escapade Vacances

Zero pesticides

We do not use any chemical products for the maintenance of our parks and gardens. Béatrice from la Maison des Cent Vallées and Stéphane from le Moulin de César are our specialists!

Engagements nature escapade vacances

Eco-certified products

we opt for eco-certified products, and even manufacture our own household products (in compliance with legislation, of course!). Lucile and Viviane are our “chemists”.

Circuits courts locaux escapade vacances

Local short circuits

We are fortunate to be located in areas with an abundance of high-quality products, and we choose to “consume locally”, as far as possible of course, for both food products and services.

Politique Zéro déchets Escapade Vacances

Zero waste

No waste! Our catering teams adapt to the needs of our travellers according to the themes of their stay: children, sports, cultural. A proactive policy of reducing household waste, particularly food waste, is in place.

gestion des ressources escapade vacances

Resource management

A general policy is implemented: application of solutions to save water, energy and material resources. Benjamin and Pascale are doing their best.

Paniers maisons Escapade Vacances

Home-made basket

For your picnics and home-made meal baskets, remember to take your containers!

Labels and certifications

Ligue de protection des oiseaux

Ligue de protection des oiseaux (Bird Protection League)

We want to integrate each of our destinations into the LPO. The Dominican Cloister is already part of it.

By applying their methods, we are lucky enough to see birds, butterflies and squirrels again… just to name a few!

Valeurs Parcs Naturel Régional - Escapade Vacances

Valeurs Parcs Naturel Régional (Regional Nature Park Values)

The Regional Nature Park values brand is a collective brand, registered with the INPI, developed at the level of the Regional Nature Parks of France. It enables the federating of tourism and agriculture actors committed to the preservation of the environment, the development of Man as well as to a more responsible and united local economy.

Each beneficiary must meet precise national and local criteria determined by a reference system in order to obtain this recognition for a renewable period of 5 years. This mark guarantees that the product or service respects the values of the Regional Nature Parks; that it benefits from a traceability linked to territorial channels and that it is a response to territorial issues.

Label Chouette nature cap france

Label Chouette Nature Cap France

Since 2004, this CAP FRANCE label of excellence has structured and highlighted our collective commitment to a transition towards “eco-responsible tourism”.

This label guarantees each traveller “accommodation in harmony with its natural environment”. Discovering our territories, meals with local tastes and colours, reducing our ecological footprint are on the menu of our daily actions.

Engagements nature Escapade Vacances